…..It is well known that a person’s success is often determined by their own actions – yet why is it still too common a sight to witness people not being able to attain their full potential simply because of bad habits that are left unchecked? If one cannot adhere to a healthy and productive behavioral pattern, then it will be that much harder for them to steer towards a successful and happy life, both at home and at work, no matter how driven they may be. That said, once a person recognizes exactly what it is that is holding them back, it is very possible to reverse harmful patterns of behavior by adopting habits that have been proven to breed success in people. Listed below are five proven hindrances to personal progress and career development, read on to learn about their dangers and how you can beat them once and for all. 

  1. Procrastinating – Ever found yourself sitting at your desk with all the time in the world to work, only to waste most of it by staring into space, watching online videos, playing mobile games, and more? You’re not alone. Procrastination is the act of putting things off to the very last minute before accomplishing them. It is responsible for a lot of wasted time, energy, and makes efficient time management impossible. The best way to combat procrastination is to stay in touch with your goals, dreams, and aspirations on a daily basis. Keep your focus on attaining, and maintaining, success. Taking measured breaks can be good for your mental well-being, but your rest should not linger on for too long because resting and working both draw from the same limited resource – time. 
  1. Dwelling On The Past – A lot of people have a hard time getting over past issues and mistakes. Some have never forgiven themselves for an error they may have committed some time before, or perhaps continue to experience crippling self doubt when it comes to making important decisions or choices. Others cling onto the faults of others and constantly refer to them in order to strengthen their own agendas or push blame into their faces. It may be good to be aware of the history of a certain project or task, but nobody should be held captive to sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions just because they made mistakes in the past. Mistakes happen to everyone, even the very best of us – and while it is good to analyze the past in order to improve on the present and future, dwelling on them needlessly can also serve to hinder progress. Avoid this by accepting any mistakes you may have made and understanding that you have learned unique and valuable lessons from your failures. Use these lessons to forge a better path for the future, motivating you and your team towards improvement – and never look back. 
  1. Adopting a Negative Mindset – One of the easiest things to do on this planet is to fall deep into a negative mindset. Most people don’t realize that the way we perceive the world is a choice – we can either focus on the good or we can dwell on the bad. While it may help some people cope with their lives by avoiding high expectations, constantly seeing things in a negative light will make it very difficult to motivate yourself towards a successful life. Stop hating yourself, comparing yourself to others, dwelling on your weaknesses, and stressing about your limitations. You, just like anybody, possess weaknesses just as much as we possess strengths – and it is these strengths that you should look to leverage. Lose the idea that you can never change, because people change everyday. Commit to looking on the bright side of things and allowing yourself the energy to work towards your goals. 
  1. Being Complacent – You could be the most skilled in your department, but if you become complacent and start slipping behind, then eventually you may coast yourself out of a position. Successful people understand that in order to achieve great things, you can’t stop improving and developing yourself. You must go through constant reinvention of your persona while keeping track of our rapidly changing world. Stay on your toes at all times and never think too highly of yourself. Keep your head down, keep learning, and keep working hard. Keep your ego in check. Continue that and it will only be a matter of time before you achieve a breakthrough.. 
  1. Trying To Please Others – Many people spend a lot of time and effort trying to please others instead of living for themselves. Parents, bosses, clients, colleagues, and/or relatives are important, but never as important as you are to yourself. If you peg your own personal happiness on what other people think, it will be very difficult to live a life that’s truly happy. Treat yourself with respect. Identify what your goals are and live by them. Be strong enough to say no when you are asked to do things you feel aren’t in line with what you want for yourself. Create your own expectations and work to achieve them. Other people will always have opinions, but in the end they shouldn’t matter more than how you feel about yourself. 

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