…..In the old days, employees were expected to sacrifice, bend over backwards, and do the management’s bidding at work – but 2020 is just a few days away, and despite everything that has transpired, Earth is a far friendlier planet than it used to be (for workers at least). These days, companies are focusing on becoming more attractive to workers in an attempt to lure talent over to their respective sides. They do this usually by investing their resources on creating an environment that is vibrant, exciting, and most of all, fair to all different kinds of workers. The more diverse and enticing a work destination is to today’s global reservoir of talent, the more likely that it will be able to convince the best in the world to join their team.

…..It can be expected that businesses will continue to invest heavily in finding and developing talent this coming year. The goal of enhancing the employment experience is to realize higher satisfaction rates among workers, thereby increasing production and promoting a healthy workplace culture. Effective methods of attracting today’s “woke” generation of job seekers includes allowing workers to work from home, having optimized processes and workflows, listening to employee feedback, and crafting a narrative for a worthy cause or higher purpose. By maintaining a friendly, fair, and professional culture within both management and workforce, employees will be more likely to be put in a position where they can find success. And what could be better than success being the root of any business culture?

…..That is why employee care is truly the future of business management. In fact, two recent movements related to workers’ rights have been gaining popularity. One is the “Guaranteed Paid Leave” policy, which would grant American workers the right to paid leave when caring for a newborn baby. The other is the plan for a “Fair Workweek”, which will require employers that have fifteen or more employees to give employees at least two weeks notice of their work schedule, complete with compensation for any sudden changes. Should these succeed, it would bring the US closer to other developed countries when it comes to employment policy and improve the lives of millions of hard-working Americans.

…..It’s a good time to be an employee – since light has been shed on all of these work – life balance issues. Another great way to keep workers happy is to give them a higher quality of responsibilities – and leaving burdensome, repetitive administrative tasks to us. Contact Tukko Labs today!

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