General Questions for Usability and QA Testing:

1. Why do I need to have QA and testing activities?

  • Prior to public release, one has to be able to determine if the application meets the standards of the consumer. Here at the lab, we’re able to give the developer a mirror’s view of what the consumer reaction will be like to the application prior to any such public release. This allows the developer time to make the necessary adjustments in order to bring their application up to the proper final form that is desired by the consumer.

2. Why is it a better option to consider on-demand testing in comparison to hiring an in-house QA person?

  • There are always budget constraints now that plagues almost every industry. On-Demand testing solves that problem by allowing small companies and indie developer to acquire a need-as-you-go QA arm that’s available to do testing for very low and affordable rates. This way, the small developer does not suffer the high costs of having someone on retainer for only infrequent testing.

3. Why is the Tukko Gamer the best demographic for play testing?

  • QA testing is extremely important and the test phase is vital in polishing a game into a fun experience for the end user. Though publishers usually have their following of customers, it’s not the best idea to display a beta product to the buying customers. Play testing per-se is best performed prior to any news of the release come out. It’s also best facilitated by an impartial testing arm that would give you relevant feedback that can affect development decisions.

4. Isn’t testing as easy as getting some friends and family and make them play the game for feedback?

  • Far from it. With a proper QA approach, it often feels like work. And it definitely isn’t easy. Its fun to play a game, but it’s not easy to analyze a game.
  • not everyone can create structured feedback that allows the developers to actually have proper insights to their design based from such feedback.
  • A regular gamer will just give you opinions. A structured QA approach will give you valuable and usable feedback.
  • A good tester doesn’t just find a bug and reports it. A good tester digs deeper, figures out how to make it happen again, and, knowing how the game works, figures out what’s really going on.

Game Doctor Questions

1. What sort of deliverable do I receive when I test with Tukko’s Game Doctor?

  • We present our findings in an analytical narrative format normally presented in a PDF document file. We also include graphical data such as screenshots and pointers to keep into focus the strong and weak points. For the large scale and load tests as well as usability tests, we normally include survey results based from larger sample groups in pie and bar charts depending on what the pertinent data focus is.

2. Is my IP secure when I test with Tukko’s Game Doctor?

  • We at Tukko Labs uphold into the highest regard any sections or Intellectual properties in Non Disclosure Agreements. We do this by What is a SOP??? DEFINE THIS PLEASE in order to keep the title and its findings secret so that there is no pre-dispositioning publications that could affect the findings for any marketing purposes. We do however do publications by request and only when the game is in its final format for our news sites.
  • We hold the same type of non-disclosure oath to make sure that no beta leaks occur. Each of our analysts test from secure non-public locations which insure that no one looking over their shoulder could view the title.

3. I could conduct QA and Play test in-house, why use the Game Doctor?

  • No monthly-yearly retainer contracts.
  • No Health benefits plans or such commitments.
  • On demand, when you need it testing services.
  • Competitive Rates and a high level of English language proficiency.
  • Non-biased game preferences allow for HONEST feedback about a game’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. What is Tukko’s Game Doctor and what makes it so unique?

  • The Tukko Game Doctor is a cost-effective QA service designed for the small-indie sized developer as well as multi-network casual game publisher.
  • We utilize our 15 plus years of experience at such affordable rates for anyone looking for proper play-testing to occur for feedback mechanisms.
  • It only takes about 3 days to complete tests and get the data you need.

5. How is the Game Doctor different than Tukko’s other service options?

  • It is a cheaper option to standardized large scale play testing.
  • We don’t need to do public surveys while balancing NDA contracts.
  • It is designed for quick fixes that are really necessary in a low cost working environment.
  • It is a really cost effective option for solo game developers when they are in need of professional QA feedback.

Scale and Load Testing Questions

Do I really need to do large scale and load testing? I have an open beta community for such things.

  • Opening up an unfinished game to even a small community can potentially be enough to begin creating an unfavorable perspective of the game. A more structured format will always be better for focused results.
  • We structure such things from small increments to eventual larger sizes when the game gets into an appropriate area of development that IS good for public viewing. Beforehand, we opt to test the server connectivity from smaller work groups. This way, we’re not losing total control over the environment the server and its connected data channels will have to go through when dealing with public internet service difficulties.