Find out how you can step up your game with outsourced work and remote staffing.

When making the decision to outsource or utilize remote staff, one of the key factors that people usually don’t consider is knowing how their workflow should work with the remote component.

 In many situations, a first time utilizer of outsourcing would normally gravitate towards pre-made solutions offered by large tele-centers (due to SEO efforts of large corporations). These would normally be at a pre-set hourly rate. What they don’t tell you is that there will be a minimum number of full time staff, which could number at least 50 seats (that’s a hundred fifty people if you’re looking for full 24/7 coverage).

 For those that opt for freelancer sites, and remote staffing solutions, the issues there, are the more often than not unrealistic expectations, and that the personnel pool it offers aren’t regulated in training, as would be the benefit of working with the larger tele-centers.

 When figuring out whether outsourcing is for you, there’s a simple way of approaching the problem.

 Step 1: Know which key components of your business would help you optimize your output. This means, identifying which data leaves your office, and the output in return it should generate. Simple examples of such are when doctors send their voice file examinations to medico-legal outsourcing companies for transcription.

 Step 2: Create your own templates. Training a set of remote staff can be time consuming and frustrating depending on how well you selected them.  By providing them with the proper templates where to fill out your data, you’re actually optimizing the amount of time you need them to be on staff as well as have a predictable method for data output.

 Step 3: Communication is key. Talk to your service provider (a lot) in order to thresh out the details before any actual rollouts are done. 

 Step 4: Test your solution. Once you have the key communication tools and data templates, go with a provider that’s willing to try out the solution. It’ll be hard bargaining for such, but there are those out there where small scale timed testing can lead to both savings and a good working relationship for a long term outsourced solution.

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