One of the hardest things for leaders to do is to delegate. What many don’t know is that it can also be the most rewarding.

For the business, delegation can mean that tasks are accomplished faster and more efficiently than if the leader did it themselves. It can mean delegation to an outside company that can do the job much better than if accomplished in-house.

For the leader, it can be rewarding to watch team members take on more responsibility and thrive in their new roles. If you delegate to the right people, watching them grow and develop can be a wonderful experience.

But it isn’t easy to make that call, especially for a leader who has built a company with their own two hands.

So how do you actually learn to let go?


Leaders always see the big picture. The learn to prioritize, because as a business grows larger and larger, it will be impossible to do everything. There will be projects that are of utmost importance and will demand your attention. However, there will also be countless other tasks that are also essential, but will need to get done without you.

Things might not always get done in the exact way you wanted, but if you think big picture, it all works out.


Being a leader means it’s harder to judge your success on your own. Instead, it’s easier measured in the success of your people. Sometimes, it’s difficult to relinquish that control, but that’s the nature of leadership. With the proper training and guidance, your people will learn to do the job competently. And it truly is a rewarding experience to watch team members thrive in new roles.

Remember, as a company grows, you’ll need good people around you. And if that happens through developing your team members by slowly bringing them along with more responsibilities, then delegation can only make your team stronger.


An important thing for leaders is to determine the value of their time. How much do you make at your company or would make if you were consulting hourly? You’ll always feel like you can do the job better, or that your company can accomplish a task better than if you contract it outside of your walls. And that may be true, but is it truly worth it given your value?

There are some tasks that are better left delegated to more junior members of the team or even contracted out to a freelancer or an outside company. Knowing your value makes determining this much easier.

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