Midway to the first quarter of 2019 makes us curious about what to expect of this year. Let us try and look back at some of the business strategies that helped companies succeed in 2018.

AI and machine learning

Investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning has become one of the more effective strategies this year. With AI becoming more accessible, it’s become a matter of knowing what the applications are that can suit your specific business.

Whether it’s sifting through documents and data for, say, qualified candidates for recruitment companies or for trends that can lead to early diagnoses in the medical field, or for mapping out patterns and learning to recognize anomalies for cybersecurity to defense, or even for accelerated reading, the possibilities with AI are abundant.

Video marketing

Many companies discovered in 2018 just how effective video can be when it comes to marketing. Some data on video from this year: more than 500 million hours of videos are viewed on YouTube every day; an average user spends 88% more time on a website when it features video; and viewers retain 95% of a message when it’s published in a video, much higher than when it’s in text.

It’s become so essential to marketing. It’s no surprise that social media platform Instagram introduced the IGTV feature that allows for long-form video this year.

Onshore outsourcing/ Strategic Partnerships

While outsourcing has been a strategy around for a very long time, it has evolved somewhat to remain very much relevant today. The US government has tried to put policies in place to discourage offshoring (and in fact, some outsourcing providers have scaled back their operations in India). But while the locations of the talent and the centers have changed, the principles remain the same.

Whether it’s IT and tech, or financial and admin tasks, or even social media management and content creation, outsourcing is very much alive and just as useful as ever.

Those are some of the strategies that worked this year. Some will continue to be effective heading into 2019, or will again see some evolution to remain relevant. But it’s hard to go wrong with any of these strategies moving forward.

Are you part of a company that could reap the benefits from outsourcing and delegation? Get in touch with us at TukkoLabs and have a consultation about potential services that can help you thrive.


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