…..The start of the year is always a good time to celebrate new beginnings, so what could be better than looking into business startups to kick off 2020? Establishing a new business is never easy, but staying focused on the right issues can help ease the transition to success. Every idea is born differently, and there are as many paths to glory as there are traps – but before renting that office space, you must first make sure that you have considered the basics of setting up. Following are five tips for the entrepreneur of today:;

  1. Find A Niche & Settle Into It – This is really the beginning of any business – and mistakes made at this point of development can cause failure before you even get started. Make sure the niche you choose isn’t too general and that it services a distinct market. The best ones are those that are in demand  all year, rather than being seasonal, and can be serviced on a long-term basis. The idea is to build an organization that can provide you with steady income all year round for a long period of time, and the better you are at selecting your niche, the higher the chances you have of finding an interested customer base. 
  1. Be The Solution To A Problem – If you are getting into business just to earn money – chances are you will fail. The best reason to get into business is because you hold the solution to a certain problem that people are having, and you want to share it. By providing solutions to people’s everyday problems, you put yourself in great position to be “needed” by your market. If your solution is good enough, you may become recognized as a pioneer in your industry – and that is when the sales (and money) will flow.
  1. Start Small, Then Expand – It can be amazing looking at the world’s largest corporations and wondering how they did it. Truth is, it is extremely rare for a business to start with everything it needs to operate and support its own existence. Most businesses latch onto a main idea and start small. This makes it easier to solve problems that arise, since operations are not complicated at the start. As you solve issues, experience new problems, and evolve slowly, you may find little opportunities to improve and expand your operation as you go forth. Keep doing that over several years of operation, and you may be surprised how much your business has grown and changed.
  1. Be Ready For Your Employees – Disgruntled employees are not the best work force to employ – so employee satisfaction is something that must be considered. There will be problems, issues, mistakes just as much as there will be victories, laughs, and success; you must be as ready as possible to deal with all of that fairly and professionally. Make sure that the salary payment scheme you choose matches your income style and that you are paying amounts that are realistic for a start up business. Most importantly, do not try to flex your muscles as a boss because nobody likes working for people like that. Be ready to show appreciation, lead, listen, and work together with your team so that your workforce is empowered to succeed.
  1. Just Go & Do It – Many entrepreneurs experience “paralysis by analysis” – a condition wherein a person is ready to move forward with an action or idea, but becomes stuck in an endless loop of overthinking and hesitation. As long as you have set your goals and are ready with all the necessary preparations for business, then the last thing to do is to “just go and do it”. Expect that there will be mistakes, and don’t dwell on them when they happen. Be strong and handle problems as they come and take the risks that are ever present in the world of startup entrepreneurship. Remember, your market is out there; but they will not sit around and wait for you if a competitor comes around and steals your thunder. Good ideas need to be launched – if you know you’ve got one, stop delaying your own success! Get started now!

…..New year, new partnerships – if you need a helping hand with your business, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with Tukko Labs and discover how we can make 2020 your year.

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