Founded in 2010, Tukkolabs is a pioneering company offering online remote staffing and outsourced services. We specialize in connecting skilled support specialists with international clients via the remote, non-centralized back office solutions. Our human resource system, back office support services and technologies are all designed to keep both the client and contracted staff accountable. Tukkolabs provides clients with more control with someone working halfway around the world versus working with someone beside you in an office.

Tukkolabs wants to ensure that every small to medium sized enterprise realizes its full potential with scalable on-demand personnel. With that goal in mind, Tukkolabs can setup scalable solutions for offices that do not have enough workspace to implement the necessary staff at their local offices.

As a remote staffing and outsourcing company, we are truly invested and involved with the success of our clients. Over the years we have helped our partners establish successful and lasting remote working relationships. We are able to build such through practice, constant communication, perseverance and working together through a problem. 

In the end, Tukkolabs takes pride not only in the successes that every company we help achieve, but also the great working relationships we establish with them.