The last year has been all about the emergence of online work – and online work is all about knowing how to collaborate with your colleagues in a remote setting. While modern technologies such as cloud storage and other sharing platforms allow for seamless coordination, good workspace collaboration is still all about good leadership and communication. Without them, it will be impossible for any organization to make the most of their remote work situation. Read on for five tips to top-class teamwork:

  • Communicate All Long & Short Term Goals – A project suffering from bad communication among team members is one that will stagnate and eventually fail. Tackle short term goals by setting clear deadlines and make sure everybody understands what they are – but do not forget to enlighten them with what the end goals are, so they know what to work towards. This is always important, but even more so in a remote setting as it is easier than usual to drift away from work when physically separated from team members.
  • Help Co-workers Visualize What’s On Your Mind – Sometimes language is simply not enough when relaying thoughts and ideas. Make it easier on yourself by taking the time to create visual representations of what is on your mind. This can be anything from hand-drawn images to slideshows that will help team members see what you see – therefore bridging the gap with what may be lost in translation from mind to tongue.
  • Keep Things Manageable – It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to assembling teams, adding new talent for every position or need as you go along. However, building expanded teams can pose problems when it comes to management – as large numbers sometimes serve as a barrier to efficient collaboration. If possible, cut off wasteful processes by keeping the number of people on each team to a minimum. Doing so keeps team sizes manageable while encouraging better cohesion amongst members.
  • Focus On A Single Channel Of Communication – One of the problems of working online is the abundance of software available for communicating with others through the Internet. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, as it is a monumental waste of time and effort to have to collate work messages from different platforms. Come to a consensus with team members on what platform will be used for work and stick to it. Involve them when choosing an app and consider their ability to make use of it. This will help centralize all work-related communication and save a valuable amount of time on processes and procedures.
  • Celebrate Creativity – Teams with stifling leaders that opt to dictate rather than encourage creativity are the worst teams to be on. It is tiring, thankless, and toxic to work with a management where you do not have a say in how things are being run. It is far better to work for a management that promotes healthy exchanges between team members and leadership – insights are valuable no matter where they come from, plus it makes people feel good when they make a successful contribution. So, if you oversee your own team, remember to celebrate creativity when managing your projects. Avoid becoming the dictator everybody dreads at all costs!

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