It cannot be stressed enough – having a good morning is key to starting the day off right. Unfortunately, the habit of waking up and immediately checking on the long list of notifications that accumulated overnight on your cell phone is one that persists among many professionals. Though some may think that responding to emails and messages as soon as possible reflects a responsible attitude, the truth is that it contributes to creating stressful moments that subtract, rather than add, to your day.

The first step to having a “good morning” is easy enough to remember: commit to avoiding emails and messages before work. This is because bombarding your brain with work complications so early in the morning can serve to muddle your thought process and make it difficult to go about your job in an orderly fashion. The problem is, resolving notifications is kind of addicting – so people end up doing it anyway despite the risk of derailing their own plans. The right way to shape your day would be to silence, or even completely disable, all email and workspace notifications. Doing so will allow you to conveniently get on with your daily itinerary without being distracted by intrusive sounds and nagging lights indicating that you have messages waiting to be attended to. Furthermore, go the extra mile and inform your colleagues and clients about when to expect your replies by utilizing informative email “signatures” that display your daily schedule for checking emails. This can help relieve the pressure of having people waiting on a reply for hours on end, making it clear from the start that you will only be able to reply during the specified time frames.

The main idea behind these strategies is to identify new habits to form that help you claim that precious time every morning right after waking up to plan out and get ready for the workday ahead. These simple, but life changing, behaviors can spell the difference between being consistently productive and promoting constant workplace pandemonium – and are recommended for those looking to be the absolute best versions of themselves. So, rid yourself of that nasty morning email habit and make “good mornings” a part of your daily work strategy right away.

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