This pandemic has put everything known to man through the ultimate test – as normal life has suddenly been supplanted with an unfamiliar lockdown protocol that has economies reeling while the very face of the world changes right before our very eyes. Remote work has emerged as the most viable way to keep many companies alive during the brunt of coronavirus madness, as employees all over America and the world discover that work can be accomplished with a work-from-home setup. Though this bodes well for most organizations, managers need to realize that creating a positive virtual culture isn’t easy, and hinges on how well an organization manages their workforce. Following are five ways to support your remote workers by upholding online work habits that keep everybody linked and in sync.

  1. Policies For Employee Satisfaction – Allowing personnel to have fun at work is important when trying to provide a satisfying work experience. The internet provides many opportunities for virtual workers to personalize their online spaces with their happy thoughts: photos of pets, family members, food, and even just silly memes. Promoting a community-style sharing of happiness can result in a stronger bond among team members and may bring employees one step closer to becoming a “family”. Plan for this by including fun events in your schedule, taking note of birthdays and creating ways for team members to participate in each other’s happiness.
  2. Encourage Repetitive Communication – Despite many people finding repeated communication to be annoying, it is actually an important and powerful part of improving the way messages are relayed from person to person. It avoids misinterpretations or total losses of information emerging from lapses in memory or the inability to catch onto something that is said immediately. Make sure that everyone knows that it’s okay to ask for clarification over and over again until they grasp the entire idea, and even encourage them to repeat what was told multiple times before moving on with other tasks.
  3. Let Workers Prioritize Family Over Work – These days, people prioritize family time more than anything else. A good virtual work culture is one that allows its employees to put the needs of their family over the needs of the company, no if’s, ands, or buts. There are professionals out there that can perform stay-at-home work tasks reliably while juggling the needs of their children, spouses, siblings, parents, etc. Furthermore, when most employees understand each other’s needs when it comes to family, and offer to cover for another team member that’s in a jam, that is a sign of a positive environment conducive to good online working conditions.
  4. Recognize Success – The recognition of an employee’s success has always gone a long way in improving the way that worker feels about their life on the job – and that still has not changed in the age of remote working. When employees feel appreciated, it motivates them to remain productive and take an active interest in furthering the interests of the organization. But more than just having management officially recognize people during meetings, find a way to create a system wherein peers can offer up glowing testimonials on the spot. This provides a new channel for a continuous flow of recognition that can serve to have a greater, more constant, impact on the happiness of everyone aboard.
  5. Health First – When people work from home, it is easy to get carried away with all kinds of work (both for their job and for their household). This can be very taxing to the overall health of an employee. One way to tackle this would be to include moments of respite within the daily work schedule – wellness breaks, yoga practices, and other interludes that help break the monotony of the work-from-home reality. You can even go the next step by providing a mental wellness program that trains employees on things like stress management and self-care.

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