There are currently many pieces of text that touch on the importance of organizational development (OD) and management, lending important insight into effective methods of running complicated and intricate organizations. Medical practices and other healthcare delivery systems are among the most complex of organizations, yet for some reason many shy away from engaging in proper OD. Perhaps, one of the most possible reasons for this is that many leaders in healthcare know that their organizations would require massive overhauls to how they operate – so they decide to put it off for the sake of convenience. Furthermore, it is natural for people to resist change, and physicians are not exempted from this truth. However, for the industry to continuously improve patient care, it is vital for medical providers to change this mindset. Following are five key benefits of organizational development in healthcare.

  1. Profit Increases – One of the more persuasive reasons for implementing OD is the prospect of an increase in profit. Providing healthcare effectively can be expensive – so by engaging in OD, organizations may experience improvements to their bottom line through encouraged innovation, increased worker productivity, improved efficiency, optimized processes, and minimized expenses.
  2. Improved Communication – Communication is one of the key elements of successful healthcare. Implementing OD can help get staff and other employees onto the same page while promoting workforce awareness about the goals and values of a medical practice. A staff that communicates well greatly decreases the chances of errors and helps save the lives of patients that require emergency attention or who are battling difficult health conditions by lessening instances of miscommunication across the board.
  3. Employee Development – The ever-changing medical industry always requires employees to be able to adjust to new and constantly updated information about procedures, treatments, and medicines. A program for employee development can help keep personnel up to date with everything while training them for future specializations, skills, or roles that they may be suited for – setting up the entire organization for growth along with its members.
  4. Improved Patient Services – When a practice engages in OD, employees have a clear idea of their role in the organization and they know exactly what is expected of them. They are less likely to make errors due to optimized processes and healthy communication habits. In turn, the service provided to patients improves drastically along with their outcomes. This can be further improved by utilizing OD methods such as market research and consumer feedback in order to arrive at a better understanding of what patients expect or need.
  5. Continuous Cycle Of Progress – A continuous cycle of progress is beneficial to all organizations – healthcare included. Any organization committed to constant improvement stands to benefit greatly from the steady professional growth of their personnel and staff while avoiding the stagnation of medical practices and procedures.

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