…..Everyone knows that customers are the lifeline of every business, but it can be tricky trying to keep them happy. Different things trigger different people – and there are many unreasonable and out-of-touch people out there, which means that there may never be such a thing as a customer base that is 100% perfectly happy. It is possible, however, to keep customer happiness at acceptable levels simply by treating them fairly and avoiding these three things that customers hate:

  1. Rudeness – Nobody likes being disrespected. This is especially true if they are customers who have spent money on your products and/or services. Employing rude service personnel translates into bad experiences for your customers – and is usually enough for most people to walk away from you and your company forever.
  2. Slow Complaint Response Time – With the rise of user reviews and social media comment sections comes the ability of the consumer to discuss, critique, judge, and share their opinions about anything under the sun. In fact, nearly 90% of all customers today read user reviews and other business-centered responses – and when a customer is dissatisfied with you, it has never been easier to make it known (not just to you, but everyone else). Businesses are now expected to be able to receive feedback and act on it immediately. Failure to do so can indicate an unwillingness to address the issue and is something that drives today’s customers up the wall.
  3. Unsatisfactory Level of Product Knowledge – What better place is there to learn about your product or service than your company? There should be none – so when people ask basic questions about what you are offering, not being able to give a timely and satisfying answer is a good way to irk them. 

In order to keep customers happy in 2019, here are three things to consider:

  1. Listening Is Key – Feedback is good because it lets you know exactly what your consumers want and don’t want. While it may be jarring at times to receive negative reviews, it is in your best interest to listen and respond positively. Being able to take the negative things said about you and improving them will show your customers that you care about what they think, which may inspire them to be loyal to you.
  2. Responsiveness – The time it takes to respond is important in today’s push-button world of instant gratification. People these days are increasingly becoming more resistant to having to wait long periods of time – so when you receive an inquiry or complaint, address it immediately and ensure your answers are accurate!
  3. Being Human – While much online marketing these days relies on template answers and automation, being able to show even a glimpse of a human side can make your customers feel like they are being valued and taken care of. Spend time talking to them instead of referring them to FAQs or company policies – this goes a long way in forging real relationships with your consumers.

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