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The shift to remote work due to the pandemic has changed the face of business with employees taking their tasks and accomplishing them in the relative safety of their homes. This change in the way things are done requires a different approach when it comes to managing personnel. It is difficult enough to handle teams that work together in one place, but the challenge is now about finding ways to maintain good synergy and production with team members being spread out all over America and/or the world. Following are five remote team building activities that can help today’s leaders keep their teams in sync in the new remote work reality.

  • Happy Hour Fridays – Sometimes it is good to carry on certain traditions that existed back when office work meant you reported to an actual office with your workmates. In the past, workers would end their weeks by sharing a beer or two with office pals during happy hour. Why let physical distance stop you when there are video conferencing tools that allow you to do the same from the comfort of your own home? Set a time, preferably on Friday or whenever your work week ends, to share some time with your mates over an Internet beer to unwind and discuss things not work related. This can help team members bond and forge close relationships that can serve to boost trust and teamwork with one another.
  • Video Gaming – Video games have come a long way from the way it was in the eighties and nineties. These days, a good internet connection is all it takes for people to be able to actually play cooperative games with one another no matter where they are in the world. This will give workmates a fun platform where they need to think critically and strategize with each other in order to win – which is good practice for times when the same is required in actual job-related situations.
  • Team Recognition Awards – Being recognized for something, no matter what it is, is something that most people enjoy – so why wait until there are business-related achievements to hand out awards? Spend a little cash to buy trophies, plaques, or medals, then create funny categories where workers can get recognized purely for fun. There’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun at each other at work as long as it does not get out of hand. For example, awards for “worst chicken scratch handwriting” or “best dressed for virtual” can give your team that “family” vibe with less tension and intensity, improving your virtual working conditions by keeping people happy. Then, when real achievements come – feel free to be creative with the way you present these awards. The more fun you can inject into the system, the better!
  • Music Sharing – People have been getting down to music for hundreds of years – and this pandemic is not going to change that. With all the different ways music is shared over the Internet today, it is incredibly easy to start up a conversation about music with your workmates. Share with one another what kind of sound you are into, and keep an open mind about what others enjoy. If there are musically talented people onboard, set up a jam session so that teammates can become bandmates and really explore what makes them jive.
  • Celebration Of Team Member Milestones – Everybody has a set of personal milestones, whether they be anniversaries, birthdays, kids’ birthdays, and other occasions that can be celebrated. So why not recognize these milestones? Encourage the group to wish each other well and even secure some time in order for moments of celebration with others in the virtual workspace. It can give people a sense of belonging and improve morale – both vital when it comes to keeping smiles on the faces of your remote team members.

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