Talking about outsourcing is sure to bring about strong opinions from just about anybody you approach – but the truth is that outsourcing is something that is greatly misunderstood. The act of offshoring work has been a part of big business practice now for over thirty years, although lately even small to medium enterprises have discovered it to be a useful solution. In the past, having an offshore team was more difficult because of cultural and language barriers, but in a world joined by the Internet, it is not that different from working with local talent. Read on to uncover five falsehoods about outsourcing that many believe to be true.

  • Big Business Only – It used to be that outsourcing was something that only the biggest companies could do to expand their presence all over the world. These days, however, even the little guys have begun to level the playing field by discovering the benefits of offshoring. That is because modern service providers have found ways to service small to medium business enterprises by making their terms of service versatile, simple, and cost-efficient – making it attainable for anybody interested in improving productivity, mitigating expenses, or avoiding local labor problems.
  • Compromised Quality – The old days of terrible outsourced customer service are over – but many still remember those times and believe that things are still the same today. Modern day offshore staffing options are filled with specialists that are professional, skilled, and capable of good spoken and written English. What is important is that you are ready to provide clear instructions when it comes to training and preparing them for the job – especially since they will be working remotely.
  • Going Cheap Is Best – While cutting costs is definitely one of the big advantages of outsourcing, that does not mean that “cheap” is the way to go. It is important to maintain balance with cost and quality of service because deciding to go for the cheapest possible option often compromises on the level of service you get. Your ideal strategic partner should have a good understanding of what you do so that they can recommend what kind of service you need – then they should show you a clear pricing presentation that separates the cost of your outsourced staff as well as their other fees.
  • Problematic Because of Distance or Differences – While it is true that the cheapest service providers may ultimately present you with issues like language barriers and culture shock, there are areas of the world that are known to be able to provide world class quality service. One place that is well-known for this is the Philippines, whose population is no stranger to hard work and advanced levels of English mastery. Of course, no service is perfect, so it is always wise to be prepared for anything – but with a little effort put into studying and relaying your needs to your trusted partner, these problems can be diminished.
  • American Jobs Are Being Taken – This may be the biggest misconception of them all. Many American workers think that outsourcing has been taking their jobs away, but a quick look at the statistics proves otherwise. Before the pandemic hit, US unemployment was at its lowest since 1969 – and in 2021 employment has started to pick up as well. If outsourcing is an issue at work, get employees to understand how outsourcing affects them in a positive manner. For instance, you could get them to write down what their daily tasks are, then identify which of those tasks are repetitive nuisance jobs that nobody enjoys doing. This is when you can indicate to them that those tasks are the ones being offloaded, which will serve to improve the American work experience rather than take away from it.

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