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As reported in our previous article reflecting on the on-going American labor shortage, businesses have been having a hard time convincing workers to come back to work. People have been using a variety of reasons to validate their concerns about going back to the way things used to be – the most valid being their lingering fear of getting infected by the coronavirus. The biggest cause for the hesitancy to go back to work, though, is the fact that benefits for unemployed workers are so good that it is perceived to be better than going out and actually having to work for less.

This poses a problem because there are an abundance of job openings that need to be filled, and owners have been forced to offer higher salaries to drum up the interest of once-working Americans. That might sound like an agreeable situation at first, but the result will be that customers will end up paying the price with increased costs for items and services. The most affected sector would be small businesses that may not have the capital to sustain a rising trend in wages. Unfortunately, there just is not much reason for a person to settle for a job that offers to pay less than unemployment. 

The economy cannot wait around forever for things to normalize, so the onus is on employers to find a solution sooner rather than later. One way they are doing this is by outsourcing jobs to offshore companies that can provide equal, if not better, standards and world class skills needed to get things done. Turning to the global job market will not only help by saving the American consumer from the effects of a nationwide price increase, it will also provide businesses with the same work standards, if not better, while being cost-efficient and more versatile than having to handle the hiring, training, and managing of local workers.

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