Too many people wear their toxic overworking habits like a “badge of honor” while failing to realize the importance of a balanced lifestyle. It is important to be industrious, but all humans (yes that means YOU) need to take a break every once in a while, and one of the best ways to do that is to go on regular vacations. For now, the global pandemic has made travel incredibly difficult – but it will not last forever. The option to go out and explore the world is something that everybody needs to consider as soon as it is possible. 

The realization among employers and leaders is that taking regular breaks from work helps by keeping people fresh enough to do their jobs at a higher level than those who have been beat down by the system. This is why some businesses have been offering incentives for employees that “max out” the amount of vacation leaves they take per year. Despite this, a 2018 survey indicated that more than 40% of all subjects involved have been “vacation shamed” by colleagues at work, making some people apprehensive when it comes to scheduling a holiday. What these “holiday judgers” do not understand is that vacation shaming is supportive of a harmful overwork mentality that may lead to widespread burnout.

Do not listen to judgemental coworkers and never be ashamed to make vacations a part of your success. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, people have been spending time alone in isolation, working non-stop. Soon, it will be time to break out of the habit of living in fear. Avoid burnout and schedule your time away from the madness. Live your life outside of home and office – it will be good for your body, mind, and soul. Once you are ready to return, come back stronger than ever and put your holiday judgers to shame.

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