Recent advancements in computer technology are set to revolutionize the world of resource optimization and kickstart the future of this massive industry. Disruptive technologies stand to change the face of business and bring a wave of improvements and innovations to services all across the board. However, one question lingers in the back of everyone’s minds. Will the “Age of Robots” render humanity obsolete in the workplace?

Businesses today have come to rely on cloud services to store and access all kinds of data on a server provided by an external source. Client information, financial records, marketing data, e-mails, and more can be uploaded and made accessible immediately to anybody with cloud permission, practically anywhere on Earth – significantly cutting down the time it takes to perform a myriad of tasks and responsibilities. Meanwhile, robotic process automation, or RPA, allows organizations to take repetitive, one-track functions out of human hands and put it in systems created specifically for the task. These are two examples of cost-efficient disruptive technologies that have become indispensable to nearly all modern businesses that have experienced improvements in time to market speed, efficiency, and overall performance since adopting them.

The results are similar when it comes to business processing services. NelsonHall’s feature on I-Scoop states that “business process transformation through RPA and AI results in a major boost for the industry” and includes the statistics to back it all up. Considering the resoundingly positive effects, further development and integration of these technologies into the trade can be expected. In other words, the resource optimization market is well on its way to an era of increased efficiency, faster response times, and higher revenues for all.

The best part is, this “Rise of the Machines” will not spell the end of humanity as we know it.

In fact, this article by the Forbes Technology Council suggests that the rise of automated workforces may signal a coming improvement to the overall quality of human life, as we move towards offloading labor-intensive and repetitive work to AI systems. Business owners, enjoying all the benefits of disruptive technologies, will know profit and success like never before. The global job market will evolve. And, as humans, we will do what we do best: adapt, survive, and then, thrive – in a future where human beings are free to perform jobs that require the one and only trait that cannot be programmed into a robot: the human touch.

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