…..Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new trends that change the game, and every year businesses that are able to capitalize on them reap the benefits and increase their own chances of becoming a success. Technology is transforming the world right before our very eyes and it may prove challenging to some just to keep up with all the recent advancements in the way humans accomplish tasks in 2020. To those that are able to adapt, however, these changes will revolutionize many aspects of work and bring improvements that will help in the long run. Curious about what lies in store for your small business? Check out these five trends to keep an eye out for this year.

  1. Tedious Tasks To Be Handled By AI – It’s just a matter of time – artificial intelligence is creeping up on everyday life and before we know it we will be relying on it on a daily basis. When applied to business, AI provides solutions for dull, repetitive tasks that prove to be burdensome and mind numbing for humans. By taking these nuisance jobs away, AI will allow people to spend their hours on more important aspects of work, creating a more rewarding experience for a good portion of office employees. 
  1. Cashless Payment Methods Will Be A Factor For Small Business – When online selling started to pick up, small businesses all over the world began experiencing the effects of being truly connected to their clients and to each other on the Internet, regardless of physical location. This has created an industry that relies primarily on cashless transactions in order to do business – which is why it should not be surprising to see an explosion of new cashless payment services aimed at making online procurement easier than it has ever been before. 
  1. Social Media Stories Are In – In the earliest days of social media, brands made use of newsfeed posts to tell their story. But in tune with today’s fast-paced progress, a new “Stories” feature that has become common on all social media networks has quickly become more relevant to the needs and preferences of the people. “Stories” are basically fleeting video clips that only exist for 24 hours – mostly containing snippets of content relevant to the most current trends and events happening at a precise moment, popular due to the unscripted and honest moments shared on this medium.
  1. Employee Satisfaction Remains A High Priority – While being paid well helps, it is far from the only consideration when talking about employee satisfaction and happiness. People like to know they are genuinely cared for and that they matter in the big scheme of things – and companies that are able to make their workers feel important will yield the most productivity from their employees as well as attract the best talent out there.
  1. More Protection For Independent Contractors Will Be Sought – There are those who have made a fine living as an independent contractor – but for each one, there are many more who end up being exploited. A new law in California has been passed which is expected to safeguard against companies misusing the category of “independent contractor” in order to avoid extending rights and benefits that are due their workers. While so far it is only California who has enacted such a law, it is almost a certainty that other States will soon follow with their own versions of the law.

…..Another trend that continues to change the way humans work together is the act of forging strategic partnerships with companies that are well-equipped to assist other companies that may be struggling with a certain aspect of their operation. Are you certain your office is running as well as it possibly can? Have a chat with Tukko Labs – contact us today and find out how we can best serve you.


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