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America is undergoing a labor shortage of a kind never before seen in history. More than 40% of companies have indicated that they do not have enough manpower to fill all the available roles, the worst it has ever been. The problem, however, is not that there is a shortage of able-bodied workers – it is the unwillingness of these workers to return to work for reasons stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. These include the fear of contracting Covid-19 at work, the existence of stimulus checks making people financially complacent, the need to homeschool children, as well as the usual holdout for increased salaries.

In time, it is expected that these issues will come to pass, but businesses cannot rest on their laurels hoping for things to normalize. Success waits for no one – and while it seems that a significant number of locally sourced talents are in no hurry to get back to work, there is another option available to employers that may not just solve the labor shortage, it may improve the organization’s overall performance altogether. That option is to seek partnership with offshore companies that provide outsourced staffing solutions that can provide a higher quality of service at a more cost-efficient rate while thriving in the remote work setting that is most relevant in post-pandemic American society. Apart from that, most offshore partners offer services that are easily scalable to the needs of your organization, making on-the-fly adjustments easier to handle.

Before you even start thinking that outsourcing might be risky, remember first that this is already a tried and tested solution. Many businesses have already benefited from outsourcing and are reaping a healthy ROI due to key offshore strategic partnerships that have assured an efficient and affordable flow of business. Even if your company is one that operates within a highly regulated industry, it is possible to find offshore business processing centers that provide end-to-end security that is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and more – usually at a lesser expense than hiring local workers to provide the same.

So what are you waiting for? Transcend the current labor shortage – look beyond your shores and discover a surplus of skilled talents just waiting for a chance to work for you. Partner up with Tukko Labs today and experience the joy of reliable service at a fraction of the cost and get a leg up on your competition!

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