Everybody knows LinkedIn as the preferred social media network for professionals, but because of the recent work from home surge due to the pandemic it has never been more vital to the hiring process than it is today. Chances are you are already on LinkedIn, but have you actively kept your profile up to date and done everything in your power to make yourself stand out from the rest? Remember, there are thousands of others just like you on LinkedIn – which means that you have plenty of competition for the job of your choice. Read on for five tips that will help you make the most out of your profile.

  • Put A Face Behind the Name – It is already 2021 – but for some reason there still are people that have not uploaded a profile picture for their LinkedIn profile. Employers need to get a good idea of who you are – a professional profile picture helps put a “face behind the name” and helps hiring departments feel more connected with you despite never having met you in person. This is among the most basic of mistakes and may cause you to be overlooked, regardless of whether or not you have the skills and requirements for the position.
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Address – Another easy adjustment that many users fail to consider is the optimization of their LinkedIn profile address (otherwise known as a “Uniform Resource Locator” or “URL”). By default, your URL will have an alphanumeric code attached to it – and while this works just fine, you would do better reducing the clutter in your address. To optimize it, click on the option to edit your URL and tidy up your address by removing the alphanumerics and putting something easy to identify and remember.
  • Do Not Skip on Headlines – Once your profile picture and LinkedIn address are set, it is time to think of a good headline. In the past, users could only input a maximum of 120 characters. This year, LinkedIn extended that limit to 220 characters allowing for longer headlines than ever before. Make the most of it by filling it up with keywords that identify the various skills you have as well as any statement that can give any insight about your achievements. The better the wording, the better the interest – so make sure your headline can draw the right kind of attention.
  • Catch Attention with Your Background – Anything eye-catching on your profile is an advantage over the profiles of people that are content with LinkedIn’s default settings. Using all the tools at your disposal to draw attention from readers is a must. If you know how to use Photoshop or any other image editing software, then create a LinkedIn banner for yourself and upload it to your background. In the case that Photoshop is unknown territory for you, there is an image editing website called Canva where you can easily pull off professional looking designs by utilizing banner templates made specifically for LinkedIn.
  • Stay Active – Finally, the worst error one can make is to use LinkedIn like some sort of portfolio then leave it for long periods of time without contributing to the social network itself. Dive in by writing posts, liking other posts, and sharing anything insightful you might have read. Connect with others in the same field and feel free to comment, especially on issues you know a lot about. Whatever it is you do, never allow your LinkedIn profile to sit dormant, collecting dust. Having a healthy amount of activity around your profile will improve your chances of being spotted and will bring you that much closer to finding that dream job.

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